Lasting Comfort

Proven effective for 90 days*

Consumers choose a joint health supplement they can continue to take on a recurring basis, one whose long-term effectiveness is backed by clinical results. Univestin’s continued efficacy has been clinically proven in a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled 90-day trial.* Univestin was compared to both a placebo and an active control, WOMAC scores for joint discomfort, stiffness and physical function all showed increasing improvement from 30 to 90 days.*


Joint Discomfort

Univestin continues to reduce joint discomfort in 90-day clinical trial*

Joint Stiffness and Mobility

Univestin continues to reduce joint stiffness & increase mobility in 90-day clinical trial*

Joint Function

Univestin continues to improve joint function in 90-day clinical trial*