Why choose Univestin?

It’s the fast-acting, long-lasting and long-term joint solution.*

By providing rapid relief for joint discomfort and stiffness, Univestin is an innovative plant-based ingredient that meets key consumer needs.* This patent-protected ingredient:

  1. Is clinically shown to reduce joint stiffness within 3 days*
  2. Is clinically shown to reduce joint discomfort within 5 days*
  3. Is clinically shown to increase range of motion and physical function within 7 days*
  4. Supports joint health through a multi-pronged mechanism of action*
  5. Backed by two randomized, double-blind human clinical trials
  6. Is proven safe through dozens of safety studies and long-term human consumption
  7. Provides potent antioxidant activity*
  8. Promotes healthy aging and overall wellbeing*
  9. Undergoes stringent QA processes for guaranteed purity and potency